Welcome to Southeast Michigan's only place for unique cakes and desserts!

Check out Love of Lilacs Blog for more details on the contest. Including Jaclyn's meeting with the Cake Boss. 

The Happy Cake Lady is a full service home based cakery located in Chesterfield, Michigan.  Our menu includes upscale cakes, cupcakes, cookies, candy and many other custom desserts upon request.

If you are looking for your average, simple grocery store dessert, we can't help you.  However if are ready for a delicious, custom, fresh nev
er frozen, unique dessert, call or email today!

DID YOU KNOW:  We offer cake classes in your home!!! We have many choices and I'm willing to share all my baker's secrets with you. 

Bachelorette Parties, Small Showers, Girl Scouts and Moms Night In are a few of the groups we have taught. Call us today and we'll plan the perfect cake decorating party for your group!
To see a list of classes taught click on the
learn cake decorating tab.

r current information and pictures visit me on 

ATTN: Brides and Grooms 

The Happy Cake Lady offers cakes tastings, but only a few times a year. We offer them this way to save on cost, it allows us to bake your cake samples so they are fresh, just like your wedding cake,  it allows us to focus on current clients and their custom cakes (What we do best) and to avoid wasted cake, YES can you imagine wasted cake! 

Our tastings are scheduled with demand and the season.  
Space is always very limited. So please send a quote request with all your wedding details and mention a tasting. We suggest booking you cake 6 months in advance.

*Both Bride and Groom are asked to attend, and the appointment should last no longer than an hour.